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Brahmi vati – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects

Brahmi vati is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form, used in the treatment of depression, blood pressure etc. This medicine should only be taken under strict medical supervision. This medicine is most commonly used in north Indian Ayurvedic practice.

Uses and effect on dosha

Brahmi vati Uses: It is used in the Ayurvedic treatment of depression, psychiatric conditions, sleeplessness, MDP, chronic fever, tremors in hands and legs, anxiety.
Useful in panic attacks.

It also helps to maintain normal blood pressure.

Effect on Tridosha – Balances Vata and Pitta

Dose and duration of use

Brahmi Bati dosage:
1 – 2 tablets per day, usually administered along with Gulkand / raisins or with honey, amla Murabba etc, based on the Dosha imbalance of the patient.

How long to use: It is administered for a period of 1 – 2  month.

With western medicines
Seek your doctor’s advice if you are taking this product along with other western (allopathic/modern) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can interact with modern medicine.
If both Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are advised together, then it is best to take allopathic medicine first, wait for 30 minutes and then, after a gap of 15 – 30 minutes, take Ayurvedic medicine or as directed by the physician.

Can this be used while taking Homeopathic medicine?
Yes. This product does not react with homeopathic medicine.

With supplements like multivitamin tablets, Omega 3 fatty acids etc?
Yes. Generally, this product goes well with most of the dietary supplements. However, if you are taking more than one product per day, please consult your doctor for an opinion.

Ingredients and method of preparation

Brahmi vati ingredients, how to make:
Brahmi – Bacopa monnieri– 20 g
Shankhapushpi – Convolvulus pluricaulis – dried leaf – 20 g
Vacha – Acorus calamus – 10 g
Maricha – black pepper – 5 g
Gavkava – 20 g
Swarna Makshika Bhasma – Calx of Copper and Iron pyrite – 10 g
Rasasindhur – a compound of purified Mercury and Sulphur – 10 g

Method of preparation of Brahmi Bati:
First the rsasindhura is taken in a mortar and made into fine powder, to it, the fine powder of rest of the ingredients are added and mixed well, filtered. It is ground with decoction of Jatamansi, and tablets of 3 Ratti – 375 mg is made.

Diet To Follow

Have more of Ghee, coconut oil, Sunflower seed, almond, taro root, flaxseed oil, soyabean, pistachio,
Broccoli, carrots, chard, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers
Flax seeds, walnut, tofu, brussel sprout, cauliflower, winter squash, fish oil, egg oil, krill oil, chia seeds, camelia are fine to take.

Diet To avoid:
There are no diet restrictions. Please avoid all types of junk foods, excessive non veg foods, try to avoid or limit alcohol and smoking. Avoid aerated drinks.
Please prefer homemade food wherever possible.

Reference, manufacturer and side effects

Reference:  Ayurveda Sara Sangraha Gutika Vati Prakarana P:456

Maharishi Ayurveda, Baidyanath, Sri Dhootapapeshwar Ltd, Dabur.

Brahmi vati side effects:
Self medication with this medicine is not advised.
Take this medicine in precise dose and for limited period of time, as advised by doctor.
Over-dosage may cause adverse effects such as gastritis.
It is best avoided in pregnancy, lactation and in children.
Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in a dry cool place.

Habit forming

+Is this medicine habit forming? Does it create dependence? Can we stop it after a few months of usage?
This medicine is not habit forming. After using for the prescribed period, your doctor would gradually decrease the dose and eventually stop it. Follow your doctor’s instructions for gradual decrease of dose and stopping. Usually it does not cause any ill effects.

Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
This article is written by Dr. Janardhana V Hebbar BAMS, MD (Ayu), PGDPSM, Managing Director, Easy Ayurveda Hospital.
It is reviewed by Dr. Raviganesh Mogra BAMS, MD (Ayu), Chief Medical Officer, Easy Ayurveda Hospital

96 thoughts on “Brahmi vati – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I bought baidyanath’s brahmi vati with a different ingredient list: each 250mg tab contains:: swarnamakshik bhasma, ras sindoor, vach, each 23.1mg; shadow dried brahmi & shankhpushpi & gavjavaan, each 46.3mg; kali mirch 11.6mg; rest sahayak and bhavna dravya

    Is this ok? Can it be taken with water? I’m a student of 23 having no medical complication and want to enhance my memory and intellect.

    • Hi, because of heavy metal content of this product, it should be only used under medical supervision. For you, just to enhance memory and intellect, the simpler and better option will be to go with Brahmi capsule – 1 capsule in the morning, after food for a period of 2 months, and then stop it.

      A friendly advice:
      Rely more on your self confidence, strength and power to improve your memory and intellect, rather than medicines. You are a born champion. Believe in that and work harder.


    • Hi, it does not have such withdrawal effect of memory loss. The memory loss that you are experiencing may be due to your illness. I would suggest using One Brahmi vati per day for another three months, before stopping it.

  3. Sir, I want to take this tablet for my father. There are so many options available in market but I want the original medicine, can you please advice on the place where I get get original Barmhi vati?

  4. I am having fissure and fistula Ayurvedic doctor advised me to take Brahmin for a month .i am having BP as well .should I take it for month .

  5. My dad is an alzimher patient. Is it advisable for him to take brahmivati? Even my son can’t concentrate on his studies is ibrahmivati good for him? My daughter is having high prolactin level at her 20′ s can she b advice brahmivati?

  6. i am having a mental problem, my mind is very fickle. and even if i am doing something, i feel like my body is doing the work while my mind is lost in the world of its thoughts. (it is dangerous since it can definitely cause some vehicle accident during driving.etc etc )
    this bati is advised to me by an doctor. is there any more medicine that i should take?

  7. hello, i can understand your problem. occupation and food habit also plays a role in curing insomnia along with medicines. healthy food habits with less of spices and oil is good which are rich in vegetables. yoga, pranayama and meditation means dhyana is very much helpful in your problem.

  8. sir, the mercurial compound in brahmi bati is designed (as per ayurvedic preparation) to remain in body or to get excreted through body.

  9. I feel sleepy all d time and m unable to study properly m medical aspirants and earlier was a good student bt nw I feel like my brain stp to work properly m unable to memorise anything

    • Hi, Brahmi vati might be useful to you in a dose of 1 tablet at night after food for 2 months time.

      Use ghee in your diet regularly.
      use more of Sunflower seed, almond, pine nuts, peanuts, spinach, taro root, flaxseed oil, soyabean, pistachio.
      Broccoli, carrots, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers, spinach, and sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, walnut, sardines, salmon, soyabean, tofu, shrimp, brussel sprout, cauliflower, winter squash, fish oil, egg oil, krill oil, chia seeds, Canola oil, camelia in diet.
      Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

      Practice pranayama for 2 – 3 minutes a day. – http://easyayurveda.com/2010/08/28/how-to-do-pranayama-a-simple-pranayama-technique/
      Wake up before six.
      Try cold water bath.

  10. hello…definitely you can give this sir. but regarding dosage and duration of treatment you better take an advice of an Ayurveda doctor directly, since its over dose may cause some side effects like gastritis etc. but there will not be any side effects like weight gain or increase in cholesterol levels.

  11. Dear sir
    Mai brahmi vati lagbhag 1 month se use kar raha Hu 1 goli subah Aur 1goli sham ko milk ke sath. Mera brain nerve problem hai jiske karan hard dard rahta hai but jab tak Mai ye dawa 1 month use kiya tab tak Mai normal tha aur jab stop kiya to dard tinguna badh gaya pahle se.
    Please help me

  12. Sir m 3sal s paralyze patient hu .those samay s sleep shi nhi aati subah k time .bhu tight hl jti h muscles .y shi h mere liye.ya air kch..

  13. I am 53 years,i have depression all the time negatives thoughts surrounds me,brain has become very dull, no new ideas come to my mind,always feel like sitting idle.some ayurvadic doctor suggested me to take BRAHMI VATI,Please advice me what brand and for how many days should take it.

  14. could this be helpful for child age 12 with Autism and ADHD ? suggested dose ? He is already taking bacopa/ ashwagandha/ sankhpuspi / gotokola

  15. Sir my cortisol levels have came high and i cant sleep for more than 4 hours from around year.
    Can bramhi vati help to lower cortisol

  16. Hi,
    I am having treatment of depression and anxiety since 5 months mirazep 15.
    I was having tingling and heavily head, some of the symptoms cured but still there 10% symptoms.
    Will ayurvedic treatment (bramhivati)help me.
    Please suggest.

  17. Both are very highly unlikely to cause Hidradenitis suppurativa.
    Another issue may be – Both are ushna – hot in nature. You might be sensitive to hot medicines, and that might be the reason for the side effect.

  18. My mom sufferred brain hemorrhage last month, major surgery was done in right head which left her half body paralysed, she can’t speak much and mostly forgets the name of things, people, place etc. An ayurveda doctor adviced “Brahmi vati” but so many are available, please advice which is best for her and advice if anything else can be done.

  19. Hello Sir ,

    Will there be any side affects like dizziness after taking this Bhrami powder . with in how many hrs it will start working . Please Advise

    Thanks & Regards

  20. Hi sir nanu brahmi bagge tilkonde
    Brahmi tablet use madona anta.
    Yava samayadalli togolbeku
    Eshtu dina togolbeku
    & nan age 22.
    Use madabahuda hege.
    If u dont mine solpa thilisuthira.

  21. Hello Sir,
    I have been reading your articles often, my father (72yrs) has sleep & memory problem for long, my mother passed away recently so father is mentally disturbed, he sleeps only for 3-4 hrs at night, which makes him sleepy during day time, he falls asleep in sitting position, he forgets things easily, he also has constipation, gas problems otherwise by gods grace he has no chronis disease, please help

  22. Hello! Will appreciate your help in following. As I can’t fall asleep for long hours and then sleep half a day, have busy mind and anxiety, maybe some neurosis even, I was recommended by my friend to take Brahmi. So I bought Dabur Brahmi Vati. First, I am really conserned about those toxic metals it contains. How do I know that my pills are original and not a harmful fake? For example, my bottle contains 39pills, not 40 as it should! Another question is if it is ok to take Triphala, Lakshadi Guggul and Calcicor in the same course with this Brahmi? As I also have back and musculs pain, artrosis and osteofits. In addition, I’m planning pregnancy in three month. Is this treatment ok with that?

  23. There is a confusing or potentially wrong infornation here. It is claimed that Brahmi Vati is famous in North Indian Ayurveda. Elsewhere on the internet it says that In north India Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica is known as Brahmi.

    In South India Bacopa Monnieri is known as Brahmi. This creates immense confusion in the minds of people when the ingredient is listed as Brahmi.

    The ingredient in the Brahmi Vati in this article is listed as (Bacopa Monnieri), which is a South Indian herb, so the claim that its primarily a North Indian Ayurvedic practise looks dubious.

  24. Hello doctor, is it okay if my son 8yrs old takes Brahmi vati along with clinodine tablet 0.05mg in the morning and .1mg at night.

  25. Hi, mai koi bhi Ayurvedic medicines ko 2 – 3 maheene se zyada suggest nahi karta hu. koi bhi Ayurvedic medicines me preservatives hota hai. Isi liye 2 – 3 maheene se zyada lena uchit nahi hoga.

  26. Brahmi vati is prescribed by doctor for my mother . She wasn’t getting proper sleep but she’s now getting proper sleep due to brahmi vati . She has taken it for 20 days twice a day with milk . Doctor has asked to continue for another 2-3 months . I am asking this since it contains metal ingredients like rasa sindoor . Can you suggest any other medicine that she can take life long as her stress reduces considerably when she gets full sleep . She has hypertension and diabetes .

  27. Hello Sir,

    I was suggested to use brahmivati mixed with honey and warm water… warm honey water to be taken with brahmivati, to avoid vatta and obesity problems. What is the best company or source to use brahmi vati sir?

  28. Hello sir.. I have weakness in nerves.. I feel discomfort in my mouth while eating…also excessive day time drowsiness ..I have palpitations in heart sometimes due to fear..I’m.scared that I might get fits.. please suggest some medicine

  29. I have sleeping issues. Disturbed sleep, getting up at the slightest noise etc. I take Brahmi Vati once in a while when i have a problem. is it okay to continue taking it long term..but not regularly..say once or twice a week (1 tablet at night)

  30. Sir,Is this useful in psoriasis? I haved been prescribed Khadiradi vati, Brahmi vati and B pure syrup from psoriasis. Can you please help, if these medicines will help with psoriasis? You inputs will greatly help me..

  31. My daughter is 2.5 year she is not talking neither lesson to us .doctor says she is austic in his own world his moterskill and learning skill is good she read all alphabets number colour animal fruit only issue is of speech and socialisation pls suggest medication

  32. Hello Sir..
    I feel very anxious and always have very bad thoughts about God. My mind is always fighting my thoughts and this is imapcting my work and notmal life very severly.

  33. Hello sir
    I have insomnia last 3 years ..melatonin deficiecy ..its all after long time in emotional stress …and not eating properly ..now I happy but body not recover ..no sleep at all and also have occipital neuralgia pls sir
    Advice I really need your advice pls

  34. Dear Admin,

    As you said that ” 1 capsule 2 times aday after food for 1 month, and then 1 capsule at night after food for another month and then stop” So, after this what we have to do.

    How long the gap should be after 2 month of usage. You said stop, so can we start again after giving 1 month gap?

    Also can we continue like this – 1 tab per day for 2 months then 10 to 20 or 1 month gap and then start again the same cycle. Please advice sir?


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