Zeotone Plus Softgel Capsule: Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side effects

Zeotone Plus Soft Gel Capsule maintains complete bone and joint health.It is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt. Ltd., Madhurai- Tamilnadu.

Mode of action

Mode of action of Zeotone Plus Softgel:
Improves the functioning of joints by strengthening the bones and cartilages
Prevents degeneration of cartilages
Reduces inflammation
Repair and rebuild the cartilage.
Relieves pain and improves mobility
Post viral fever, when the patient complains of body, muscle and joint pains


Indication of Zeotone Plus Softgel:
Bursitis trochanterica,
Shoulder dislocation pain


Ingredients of Zeotone Plus Softgel:
Each soft gel capsule is composed of-
Aqueous extract of-
Guggulu (Commiphora mukul)- 400.000 mg
Gandha taila – 150.000 mg
Shankha bhasma (Turbinella rapa)- 40.000 mg
Kharpura (Boswellia serrata)- 40.000 mg
Haridra (Curcuma longa)- 20.000 mg
Tila taila (Sesame oil)- 150.000 mg
Vajravalli (Cissus quadrangularis)- 0.065 mg
Bala (Sida cordifolia)- 0.065 mg
Bilva (Aegle marmelos)- 0.005 mg
Shyonaka (Oroxylum indicum)- 0.005 mg
Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia)- 0.005 mg
Patala (Stereospermum suaveolens)- 0.005 mg
Kashmarya (Gmelina arborea)- 0.005 mg
Yava (Hordeum vulgare)- 0.005 mg
Kulattha (Dolichos biflorus)- 0.005 mg
Kola (Zizyphus jujuba)- 0.005 mg
Go dugdha (Cow’s milk)- 0.873 ml

Paste of-
Surahva (Cedrus deodara)- 0.001 mg
Tagara (Valeriana wallichii)- 0.001 mg
Atimadhura (Glycyrrhiza glabra)- 0.001 mg
Rasa (Commiphora myrrah)- 0.001 mg
Mashaparni (Teramnus labialis)- 0.001 mg
Mudgaparni (Vigna trilobata)- 0.001 mg
Kalanusari (Trigonella foenum graecum)- 0.001 mg
Satavari (Asperagus racemosus)- 0.001 mg
Ksheera sukla (Ipomea digitata)- 0.001 mg
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – 0.001 mg
Satahva (Peucedanum graveolens)- 0.001 mg
Saindhava (Rock salt)- 0.001 mg
Energy- 357.88 kcal
Carbohydrate- 82.004 %
Protein- 22.74 %
Fat- 12.18 %
Saturated fat- 6.136 %
Mono unsaturated fatty acid- 0 %
Poly unsaturated fatty acid- 0 %
Trans fatty acid- 0 %
Cholesterol- 0 %


Dosage of Zeotone Plus Softgel:
2 capsules 2-3 times a day, before food.

With western medicines
Seek your doctor’s advice if you are taking this product along with other western (allopathic/modern) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can interact with modern medicine.
If both Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are advised together, then it is best to take allopathic medicine first, wait for 30 minutes and then, after a gap of 15 – 30 minutes, take Ayurvedic medicine or as directed by the physician.

Can this be used while taking Homeopathic medicine?
Yes. This product does not react with homeopathic medicine.

With supplements like multivitamin tablets, Omega 3 fatty acids etc?
Yes. Generally, this product goes well with most of the dietary supplements. However, if you are taking more than one product per day, please consult your doctor for an opinion.

Side effects, package

Side effects of Zeotone Plus Softgel:
There are no recorded side effects with this medicine.
Should be taken under medical supervision

Presentation & Package:
Blister pack of 10*10 soft gel capsules.
Plastic jar of 500 soft gel capsules.

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7 thoughts on “Zeotone Plus Softgel Capsule: Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side effects”

  1. I have been taking zeotone plus along with Lumbaton plus and Cervilon for knee osteoarthritis, lumbar spondylosis and cervical spondylosis. Just wanted to reconfirm that zeotone plus should be taken (say 10mins) before food? Thanks!

  2. Sir Can Zeotone Plus, Ksheerbala 101 and Yogaraja Guggulu be taken together for Joints, Cartilage regeneration, Cervical and Lumbar spondylosis


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