Euphor Tablet – For Hemorrhoids and Fissure in Ano

Euphor tablet is useful in treating internal and external hemorrhoids and in fissure in ano. It is manufactured by an Ayurvedic Pharma company called Vishwachaitanya. 


Ingredients of Euphor tablet:
Each 250 mg tablet is composed of 
Bryophyllum pinnatum (kalanchoe pinnata) – 25 mg
Amorphophallus campanulatus – 80 mg
Snuhi – Euphorbia nerifolia – Quantity sufficient
Cassia angustifolia  – Very good laxative – 25 mg
Lajjalu – Mimosa pudica – Touch me not plant – 25 mg
Kaseesa Bhasma – 20 mg

Package, manufacturer, precaution

Tablet Strength: 250 mg.

Sector no. 108, Near Piaggio Vespa Plant, Katphal, MIDC, Baramati, Pune District – 413133
Email: [email protected]
Customer care – 7774019293

Caution: This tablet needs to be taken only under medical supervision.
It is not suitable during pregnancy, lactation and in children.

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