Shweta Malaham – Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients, Side Effects

Shweta Malaham  is an Ayurvedic medicine. It is an ointment used in the treatment of burn wounds, injuries and non healing wounds. 

Uses and effect on dosha

Shveta Malaham Uses: It is used in the treatment of burn injuries, non healing wounds and abscess.

Effect on Tridosha – Balances Pitta and Kapha.

Usage and duration of use

Shveta malham – how to use: It is used for external application .

How long to use: It can be used upto 1 – 2 months based on doctor’s prescription.


Shweta malaham ingredients, how to make:
Tila taila – Sesame oil – Oil of Sesamum indicum – 192 ml
Rala Churna – Shorea robusta – 48 g
Tuttha – Purified Blue Vitriole – Copper Sulphate –  3g

Reference and side effects

Reference: Siddhayoga Sangraha, Vrana Rogadhikara, AFI, Vol. II, 9:5

Shweta Malham side effects: There are no known side effect of this medicine, on external application.

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