Kottamchukkadi Thailam Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients, Side Effects

Kottamchukkadi Thailam  is an Ayurvedic oil used in the treatment of  Vata disorders causing neuro muscular pains, sciatica, spondylosis etc. This oil is formulated based on Kerala Ayurveda practice.


It helps to relieve pain and inflammation. It is used in arthritis, sciatica, myalgia, spondylosis, neck sprain, ankle sprain, blunt injury of knee, tennis elbow etc.
Useful in intercostal neuropathy
It is useful to relieve numbness, pain and stiffness.
Bursitis trochanterica
Shoulder dislocation pain
Post viral fever, when the patient complains of body, muscle and joint pains

Mode of Usage

It is used for massage and Ayurvedic therapies like Dhara.
In low back ache, it is used for oil pooling method called Kati Basti.
How long to use?
Since it is only used for external application, this can be applied over the painful swollen areas for a very long period of time.

Application on feet

Oil application over feet

Precaution if you apply this oil over feet:
If you apply this oil on feet, make sure to wash off thoroughly with water or wipe off with cloth. The oil can make you slippery while walking.
After applying, make sure there are no oil spills on the floor. This can make the floor slippery.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of this oil on external application.


In this herbal oil, the herbs are infused in the medium of sesame oil along with herb water decotion. Then the solid waste herb materials are filtered out. Thus, this oil contains oil soluble and water soluble phyto-active principles of medicinal herbs.


Kottamchukkadi Thailam  ingredients:
Kottam – Saussurea lappa – Root – 21 grams
Chukku – Ginger – Zingiber officinalis – Rhizome – 21 grams
Vayambu – Acorus calamus – Rhizome – 21 grams
Shigru – Moringa oliefera – Stem bark – 21 grams
Lashuna – Garlic – Alium sativum – Bulbs – 21 grams
Karotti – Capparis sepiaria – Root – 21 grams
Devadruma – Cedrus deodara – Heartwood – 21 grams
Siddartha – Mustard – Brassica juncea – Seed – 21 grams
Suvaha – Rasna – Pluchea lanceolata – Rhizome – 21 grams

Murchita tila taila – Oil of Sesasmum indicum – 768 ml
Dadhi – Curds – 768 ml
Chincha rasa – Tamarind leaves juice – Tamarindus indica – 3.072 liter

Method of Preparation

Ingredients from Kottam to Suvaha is made into paste by adding with sufficient quantity of water. Fresh tamarind leaves are collected, made into paste and juice is extracted. Murchita tila taila is heated adding with paste and stirred continuously while adding chincha rasa and curds. Heating is stopped on appearance of froth over the oil and absence of moisture content. To confirm the absence of moisture, the oil is exposed to fire and checked for absence of crackling sound. It is filtered, cooled and stored in tightly closed container.

Reference and Expiry Date

Sahasra Yoga Taila Prakarana – 12

Expiry date: 3 years from the date of manufacture. Once you open the seal, it is better to use it within an year.

Sanskrit Shloka Verse

Kottamchukkadi tailam


Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal
Nagarjuna – Kottamchukkaadi Thailam
Nagarjuna also manufactures Kottamchukkaadi Kuzhampu.


Kottamchukkadi Taila is available in market in khara paaka. The Physico Chemical properties of Kottamchukkadi Taila prepared in mrdu, madhyama and khara paaka have not been reported. Aim of the study was to assess the physico-chemical characters of Kottamchukkadi Taila prepared in mrdu, madhyama and khara paaka. Study setting: Research and development division, Oushadhi Pharmacy, Thrissur, Kerala and Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, Kerala. The physico-chemical characters like colour, odour, refractive index, specific gravity, acid value, saponification value, iodine value, peroxide value, optical rotation, rancidity test, loss on drying of Kottamchukkadi taila prepared in mrdu, madhyama and khara paaka were analyzed. On analytical study of trividha paaka of Kottamchukkadi Taila, the loss on drying, iodine value and acid value were less in khara paaka indicating fewer chances of early rancidity and thereby a prolonged shelf life whereas Acid value, Saponification value and Peroxide value were higher in mrdu paaka. On experimental study, mrdu, madhyama and khara paaka showed significant difference in molecular level, concentration of active ingredients and penetration co-efficient of active ingredients. (Source)

During pregnancy, lactation

If you were using this oil before pregnancy without any allergic reaction, you can continue using this oil even during pregnancy.
If you have not used this product before and wish to use it during pregnancy, better to consult a doctor because it can cause skin allergy in some rare cases.
It is generally considered as safe to use during lactation, however consult your doctor for the right advice.

Can this product be applied after steam therapy?
No. Oil is best applied before steam therapy. This is as per basic Ayurvedic principles. 

Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
This article is written by Dr. Janardhana V Hebbar BAMS, MD (Ayu), PGDPSM, Managing Director, Easy Ayurveda Hospital.
It is reviewed by Dr. Raviganesh Mogra BAMS, MD (Ayu), Chief Medical Officer, Easy Ayurveda Hospital

123 thoughts on “Kottamchukkadi Thailam Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients, Side Effects”

  1. What is the difference between Kottamchukkadi Taila and Visha gharbha Taila? Which is better? I am using Visha garbha for my knee pain. A friend suggested Kottamchukkadi Taila.

  2. Hello sir,

    I just wanted to know that the meaning of “CONTAINS HEAVY METALS WITHIN PERMISSIBLE LIMITS” (Mentioned in Kottamchukkadi thailam).

  3. Hello sir,

    I fell down from byke 1 month before & had some pain on my knee. Dr told there is ligament injury & put plaster for 1 week & then did physiotherapy & now am doing exercises .,applying some murivenna oil. My friend told me if i use mix murivenna oil & karpasasthiathi oil it would be more good. Is this good ? or should I use only murivenna oil ?
    Please inform me at ur earliest.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I’ve been using kottamchukkadi thailam for my shoulder pain and swelling. Is it safe to use it while pregnant?

  5. Hi, I have scar tenderness, i am using Kottamchukkadi tailam for a while, when it is used I am not have any pain, but i have been using it regularly to relieve pain up to 4 times a day. Is there any better remedy than this??

  6. Dear Sir,
    I have been getting a kind of numb pain in my right arm since a few years. This pain is recurring every 2 to 3 months. The doctor says it’s due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Will kottamchukady oil help or should I use murrivenna oil ?

  7. Dear Doctor,

    I have a ACL tear, first 2week with brace and 3week onwards using murivenna oil.
    Now, I am in 5week, No swelling, I could able to walk slowly, driving, stair case would be clime up & down with out any hassle. but I have very slight feel of activity time pain and needs to bring normal walk, please advise the treatment which to be followed.

  8. How many times a day should I use Kottamchukkadi Tailam, I have Pains around my knee and I have been given the above bottle

  9. sir my father was told to mix kottamchukkathi,karpoorathy and sahajarathi kuzambus and apply on the body.
    is this correct

  10. Hi,Ihave stomach problem.When I bend or something hits me,pain starts in my stomach.Veins of my stomach are very weak Will dis oik be helpful.?

  11. I find there is infection between the fingers of my left foot. I am a diabetic. I got Bliss Balm (Oushadi) from the ayurvedic doctor. Is this ok for infection>

  12. Hello Doctor

    My mother who is 63 is unable to walk properly because the heel bone of her right foot is paining a lot. She faces pain when ever she wants to stand on her feet. What is the best option.

  13. Hello doctor, I have L3 L4 disc herniation for last 5 yrs. am applying kottamchukadi churnam and applying karpasasthyadi thailam for massage. But sometime pain occurs again. What u suggest? Please help

  14. kottamchukkadi with dhanwantharam tailam will help. only external application of oil does not help you much. you need to take oral medications also. in some conditions jaanu basti treatment also helps.

  15. Good Morning !! I’m having paresthesia due to slip disc of L5-S1 in my left foot with tingling and burning sensation. Will this oil help if I use to massage my foot ??

  16. Hi .I have neck pain..slight spondlosis..and numbness in my arms and fingers. Can Iuse this oil. And iIhave feet heel pain. What do i do

    • Hello sir, The therapies like Abyanga swedam, Nasyam, Pathrapotala swedam, Choornapinda swedam, Shirodhara, Kati Vasti, Greeva Vasti, Vasti etc. are done as per the necessity and condition. These therapies are directed towards relieving the inflammatory changes, releasing the spasms and nerve compressions in the affected area, strengthening the supportive tissues holding the spine, nourishing the joints through improving the circulation.

      There are number of oils which can be used like Kottam chukkadi tailam, Balashwagandhadi thailam,Maha Narayana thailam etc.,

  17. My son aged 14 is having back pain, past few months he is not able to bend his back completely and has Sciatica, thigh pain.

    Doctor recommended to use Kottam chukkadi thailam and Ksheera bala capsules. Whether these medicines reduces the problem, due you recommend any other medicines.

    Thank you

  18. Hello sir,
    My dad have pain and swelling on knee about 6 month and not able to walk more please suggest me which oil is better for their swelling and pain. I have purchased kottamchukkadi tailam for him any thing else i have to do? Please suggest me.

    • Hello doctor,

      My father do the same as you suggested but there is no benefit in pain. Please suggest me other option which can relief him in pain.
      Waiting for response.

  19. My friend’s 16 months old child keeps her legs stiff wen she is conscious and doesn’t stand straight or haven’t started walking yet. Her legs are flexible wen she sleeps. Doctors said some neuro issue and physiotherapy is being given now. Right nw she is also using dhanvantram tailam to massage her legs. Is that enough or should we use some other oil?

  20. Hello sir I have some bulging discs in cervical area which oil is suitable for me strengthening that are….now I start stiffness in lumbar area ….which oil is suitable for me

    • Hello madam, Maha narayan taila or Kottamchukkadi Thailam can be used.
      Along with Abhyangam You can undergo Patrapinda sweda and other Panchakarma procedures for your complaint.

  21. Hi Doctor, i have ringing in my left ear and its there for more than one year is there any treatment in Ayurveda for this condition?

  22. My neighbor an old lady, aged 75 years. Her both legs are swell up to knee. She is a diabetic. What oil can be applied for how many hrs in a day. Before or after bath. Pls. advise

  23. Sir l have been diagnosed chondromalacia GR 4 in rt knee. and osteoarthritic changes in both the knees last six months back.right now I have no stiffness ,pain n flexibility is regained.but still having swelling in right knee.which oil is good for me.

  24. I have pain in my hands if I write for some time. My hands become very numb and I lose sensation. I experience difficulty in holding things. Sometimes feel like tip of my fingers have gush of blood and about to break. I was wondering if i can try Kottamchukkadi Oil mixed with Dhanvantharam/Karpooradi Oil for massage. Doctor, Is there anything else you would like to suggest?

  25. My friend is 6 months pregnant and she has having severe numbness pain and burning since she has been 16wks..the severity is increasing and she is not able to stand or sit for even few minutes.Even a faint touch on thigh gives a sharp pain. Can you suggest any thailam?

  26. My mother has nerve compression L3 & L5. Due to which her nerves of both feet are stiff and there is numbness in feet. A friend suggested Kottamchukkadi oil. Please advise brand as we see so many on net and or alternate oil treatment

  27. Hello doctor my father has varicose veins and his. Legs are swollen .He had undergone surger also …..but no relief with alopathy. …………. pls suggest a tailam that he can use to reduce swelling. ….. can we use kottachukadhi tailam….

  28. I got terrible lower back pain and pain in right hip after changing empty gas cylinder and fixing new cylinder. I applied Vaidyaratnam kottamchuadi thailam on the painful areas. Shall i keep hot water bag in that area after applying kottamchukadi? Will it help?. How long will it take for pain to be relieved? Should i apply only small quantity or liberally to affected areas? Is murrivenna better for my pain or kottamchukadi is enough?

  29. Hi my grandma got affected by stroke 2 weeks back. Her left leg and hand got paralysed. She is in medication. she has sensation in her leg and hand when we touch her. My friend requested kottamchukkadi oil for massaging her leg and hand. Will this work for her to get recover from the paralysis? pls guide.

  30. Sir ,
    My mother having legs pain when she is stand and walk ! my mother is 60+
    sir please give some oil from which she get relief from paint while standing and walking

    thanks you

  31. Sir, while I go for walking I feel slight shivering on my knees and back of knees. Which oil is best to apply. Pleas advice. Thank you.

  32. This oil is very useful i was having seviour back pain after applying this oil for a month my back is totally gone……….none of the dr medicines didnt affected thank a ton to this oil………

  33. This chat has been very useful to me. I was reading through it and noted down the names of some herbal oils which I am planning to purchase when I come to India. Thanks, Dr. JV Hebbar! I am sure your generous advice has been helpful to a lot of people who are in pain. God Bless!

  34. Hi
    I have sciatica which is causing me acute pain in the leg and lower back.Which is the best oil and how it’s applied. Can you guide me

  35. I have body pains after physical activity…Basically muscle pains on the back ( ribs ), hands, thighs and legs. Is this oil suitable? If so how to apply, how much quantity. Is massage needed. Please advise.

  36. Dr. I had an injury on my left leg knee. there is tear identified on ACL and meniscuses. Can this be cure able by applying kotamchukathi .
    Please suggest if any other best medicine than this.

  37. HI

    I used to get leg pain during pre menstrual period, kazhappu, stiffness and when I am in cold area. Now I am in India, duringregular days my left knee has severe stiffness problem like I cannot bend, which oil I can use, any food items I can use as supplement, please advise.

  38. I had a massage today with Kottamchukkadi oil and it flared up the allergic reaction I have been having on neck and face. This has also been aggravated by Vata oil and a Vata essential oil blend. The only ingredient (apart from sesame oil) that I can see that is common to all 3 oils is Cedrus Deodara. Is this a common contact allergen? Thank you so much


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