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Arimedadi Thailam Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients, Side Effects

Arimedadi Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil used for a famous procedure called oil-pulling or gargling. It helps to improve strength of teeth and sense organs. It is also called Irimedadi oil, Irimedadi taila and Iremedadi tel (oil).


Arimedadi Thailam uses:
It is used for gargling to strengthen teeth. It helps to relieve tooth decay, removes stains.
It relieves bad breath problem.
Useful in pericoronitis.
Gum abscess in children and adults.
Doctors also use this for the treatment of
Burning mouth syndrome
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Mode of Application

5 – 10 ml of oil is taken into mouth and gargled for 5 – 10 minutes. Then spit out. Gargle with warm water for two minutes and spit.
A little is heated and used for gargling and applied on the teeth. Good  for application on the head too.

How to Use Arimedadi Oil (Irimedadi) for Rinsing the Mouth and Oil Pulling?

Side Effects

There are no side effects with this oil.
Gargling is recommended for a minimum of 2 minutes for best results.
People with sinusitis, should do gargling with this oil should take medical advise.


In this herbal oil, the herbs are infused in the medium of sesame oil along with herb water decotion. Then the solid waste herb materials are filtered out. Thus, this oil contains oil soluble and water soluble phyto-active principles of medicinal herbs.


Arimedadi Thaila  ingredients:
paste prepared with12 grams of each of  fine powders of
yashti – Licorice – Glycyrhiza glabra
Trijatha – Cinnamon, cardamom and Cinnamomum tamala
Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia
Gayatri – Acacia catechu
Lodhra – Symplocos racemosa
Katphala – Myrica nagi
Irimeda Twak – Acacia leucophloea /farnesiana
Musta – Cyperus rotundus
Agaru – Aquilaria agallocha
Shveta Chandana – Santalum album
Rakta Chandana – Pterocarpus santalinus
Karpoora – Camphor – Cinnamomum camphora
Jati – Myristica fragrans
Takkola – Illicium verum
Mamsi – Nardostachys jatamansi
Dhataki – Woodfordia fruticosa
Gairika – Red ochre
Mrinala – Cymbopogon jwarancusa
Mishi – Anethum sowa
Vaidehi – Piper longum
Padmakesara – Nelumbo nucifera
Kumkuma – Crocus sativus
Laksha – Laccifer lacca
samanga, Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia
Brihati – Solanum indicum
Bilvapatra – Aegle marmelos
Suradruma – Cedrus deodara
Shaileya – Asphaltum
Sarala – Pinus roxburghi
Sprikka – Frlphinium zalil
Palasha – Butea monosperma
Rajani – Turmeric – Curcuma longa
Daruharidra – Berberis aristata
Priyangu – Callicarpa macrophylla
Tejani – Clematis triloba
Pradhakaleya – Coscinium fenestratum
Pushkara – Inula raceomsa
Jaya – butilon theophrasti
Vyaghri – Solanum xanthocarpum
Madana – Randia dumetorum
Tila Taila – Sesame oil – Sesamum indicum
Decoction prepared from
Arimeda – Acacia leucophloea /farnesiana
Nyagrodha – Ficus bengalensis
Udumbara – Ficus racemosa
Ashwattha -Ficus religiosa
Plaksha – Ficus lacor


Sahasrayoga, Tailayogaprakarana 57

Shloka, Sanskrit Verse

Irimedadi oil

During pregnancy, lactation

If you were using this oil before pregnancy without any allergic reaction, you can continue using this oil even during pregnancy.
If you have not used this product before and wish to use it during pregnancy, better to consult a doctor because it can cause skin allergy in some rare cases.
It is generally considered as safe to use during lactation, however consult your doctor for the right advice.

Can this product be applied after steam therapy?
No. Oil is best applied before steam therapy. This is as per basic Ayurvedic principles. 


BV Pandit Iremedadi taila
Pankaj kasturi, Kottakkal, Nagarjuna – Arimedas Thailam
Baidyanath calls this product as Iremedadi Tel

Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
This article is written by Dr. Janardhana V Hebbar BAMS, MD (Ayu), PGDPSM, Managing Director, Easy Ayurveda Hospital.
It is reviewed by Dr. Raviganesh Mogra BAMS, MD (Ayu), Chief Medical Officer, Easy Ayurveda Hospital

49 thoughts on “Arimedadi Thailam Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients, Side Effects”

  1. How many times in a day can this procedure be done with this oil during occurrence of a tooth infection? And with how much gap before/after meals?

  2. Sir, does it help in oral lichen planus. I have been advised this by Arya Vaidya Shala along with other medicine such as mahatiktham

  3. Dr……my dr given me Arimedadi thailam to gargle in the morning for the treatment of melisma on my face.but how can it be .how it cures melasma?

  4. Respected Dr Hebbar,

    Side effect warning on sinusitis patient isn’t very clear – they must do it under medical advise or they must not ever ?

    Kindly elucidate with your inimitable clarity…

  5. I have a grossly decayed tooth. I have to do an extraction . But im travelling for 12 days. So will get extraction post that. Will this tel help me give relief from tooth pain till then

  6. Dear Dr. Hebbar,

    I’m 42 and I have a broken tooth which hurts sometimes. I also have a few root canals done earlier. Will this oil be useful in strengthening teeth and gums and other problems ?

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Dear Dr Hebbar,

    what would you advise in case of a tooth with a failed old root canal treatment, which now has two granulomas (periapical abcesses) in the root (female, 36, tooth No.6, top)? The next tooth (5th) has now also got an inflammation in the root, the root is almost inside the sinus.

    Can the granulomas be healed with aurvedic methods and extraction avoided? Or if not, how to best prepare for the extraction?

    Many, many thanks!

  8. Should it be used with warm water for gurgling or used directly for gurgling like kavala?
    Is it same as valiya arimedas tailam?
    In recent visit doctor told to gurgle with warm water.

  9. Hi sir, can we drink WATER after the procedure completed….Or is there any time gap to take Water and to had TIFFIN……


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