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Praval Pishti – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects

Praval Pishti  is an Ayurvedic medicine, prepared from Coral. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of cough, cold, Pitta related diseases etc. This medicine should only be taken strictly under medical supervision. 


 It is used in the treatment of cough, cold excessive burning sensation.
It improves immunity. It acts as cardiac tonic.
Growing children, adolescents and post-menopausal women need more calcium. It provides natural calcium and vitamin C for the development and maintenance of healthy bones, teeth and cell membrane.

It easily absorbs and compensates the calcium requirement of the body.
It relieves the body from the condition of calcium deficiency without any side effect like constipation and acid formation in stomach.

Doctors also prescribe this for
Migraine – Migraine is caused due to high Pitta and Vata as per Ayurveda. Pravala Pisti is very useful to balance these two Doshas. It is also useful in decreasing nausea and dizziness associated with migraine.
To improve height in teenagers and to improve bone and joint strength, as it is a good source of calcium.

Pravala pisti with Gulkand is commonly prescribed in high Pitta conditions like excess burning sensation, heart burn, anxiety, anger episodes, gastritis etc.
10 grams of Praval Pishti can be added to 100 grams of Gulkand. Gulkand needs to be heated and melted before adding Praval pishti. Otherwise, it may get stuck in one place.
If that is not possible, then 500 mg of Praval Pishti can be taken along with a teaspoon / tablespoon of Gulkand. Consult your doctor before following any advice / remedies.

 Traditional Uses

Improves skin complexion and lustre – Kanthikara Auspicious – Mangalakara
Improves strength and immunity – Balya Relieves excess sweating – Athi sweda hara
Useful in night sweating – Ratri sweda hara
Indicated in –
Depletion of body tissues, weight loss, tuberculosis – Kshaya
Bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, heavy periods, etc – Raktapitta
Cough, cold – Kasa
Asthma and chronic respiratory disorders – Shwasa
Improves digestion strength – Deepana
Digestive, relieves Ama Dosha – Pachana Toxic conditions, poisoning – Visha
Psychiatric disorders, mania – Bhuta nashana
Abscess – Vidradhi
Eye disorders – Netraroga

Pravala medicinal qualities:
Rasa (taste) – Madhura – sweet, Amla – sour, Kashaya – astringent
Guna (qualities) – Laghu – light to digest, Snigdha – unctuous, oily
Vipaka (taste conversion after digestion) – Madhura – sweet
Veerya (potency) – Sheeta – coolant

ffect on Tridosha – Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Especially Kapha and Vata Dosha.


125 mg – 250 mg once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
It is traditionally administered along with honey, butter or ghee.

With western medicines
Seek your doctor’s advice if you are taking this product along with other western (allopathic/modern) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can interact with modern medicine.
If both Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are advised together, then it is best to take allopathic medicine first, wait for 30 minutes and then, after a gap of 15 – 30 minutes, take Ayurvedic medicine or as directed by the physician.

Can this be used while taking Homeopathic medicine?
Yes. This product does not react with homeopathic medicine.

With supplements like multivitamin tablets, Omega 3 fatty acids etc?
Yes. Generally, this product goes well with most of the dietary supplements. However, if you are taking more than one product per day, please consult your doctor for an opinion.

Side Effects

  • This medicine should only be taken under strict medical supervision.
  • Self medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous.
  • Take this medicine in precise dose and for limited period of time, as advised by doctor.
  • Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in a dry cool place.


Shuddha Pravala – Purified Coral – 10 g
Rose water – quantity sufficient.

The purified Coral  is taken, pounded to powder form. It is thoroughly ground with rose water for 3 – 4 days, till it becomes as fine as collyrium, to obtain Pishti.


 Ayurveda Sara Sangraha, Shodhana marana prakarana p:119, AFI Vol. 1.
It is often used in place of Pravala Bhasma. (Coral calx).

Ayurvedic medicine list with Praval as ingredient:
Gorochanadi Gulika,
Panchabana Ras.
F-Liv Compound Capsule  – is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Dhanwantari Pharmaceuticals (Shri Dhanwantri Herbal).
Abana tablet (Himalaya Drug Company)

Pravala pishti usage along with other medicines:
Medicines with hot qualities, like Bhallatak Rasayana is adminsitered, especially in Pitta body type person, Praval pishti is also administered along with it. This helps to reduce the hotness of the medicine and relieves the patient from side effects of hot medicines such as gastritis, excess burning sensation etc.

Method Of Preparation

Preparation of Prawal Pisti:
Shodhitha pravala
Cows milk
Gulab arka

Procedure: Shoditha pravala is triturated along with cows milk & made into paste. It is rolled into disc shaped cakes – chakrikas, dried and taken sharava samputa. This is then subjected to puta to obtain bhasma. The obtain bhasma is again triturated with gulab arka for 21 times and pravala pisti is obtained.

Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
This article is written by Dr. Janardhana V Hebbar BAMS, MD (Ayu), PGDPSM, Managing Director, Easy Ayurveda Hospital.
It is reviewed by Dr. Raviganesh Mogra BAMS, MD (Ayu), Chief Medical Officer, Easy Ayurveda Hospital

14 thoughts on “Praval Pishti – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects”

  1. regular intake of praval pisti is good as i suffer from acidity
    also i heard that it is also good for heart and blood pressure
    do with it saraswatarishtra can be taken for memory supplements

  2. Dr. Hebbar,
    As Praval Pishti contains only Coral and Rose water and has no metal bhasmas or mercury or any herbs that are dangerous if taken in excess, I am very puzzled why you say that “This medicine should only be taken under strict medical supervision.”
    I have read that it is one of the best medicines for reducing heat in the body, including Pitta headache etc. and is not known to have side effects when taken in proper dosage.

    • Thank you for your response. I’m hoping it will be very useful to keep my Pitta balanced, especially during the Summer.
      And a big thanks for all you do to share the practical knowledge of Ayurveda.


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