Pathyaksha Dhatryadi Kashayam – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, Ingredients, Reference

Pathyaksha Dhatryadi Kashayam is an Ayurvedic medicine used to treat headache of various causes. It is herbal decoction. It is also available in Kashayam tablet form. 


Pathyaksha Dhatryadi kashayam benefits:

  • It is mainly used in Ayurvedic treatment of headache, pain in forehead, temporal region, migraine.
  • It is also effective in pain associated with tooth extraction.
  • It improves eye sight and useful in eye diseases and vision problems.

Effect on Tridosha – Balances Pitta and Vata

Mode Of Action

Probable mode of action in headache: 
Turmeric is an excellent anti inflammatory herb.
Triphala – helps in Kapha and Pitta balancing and also in Vata anulomana. It is generally advised for almost all diseases of head and eyes.
Nimba, Bhunimba and Guduchi decrease aggravated Pitta. Very useful in migraine with gastric symptoms.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of this medicine.
People with diabetes should take this medicine under strict medical supervision.
It is best to avoid this medicine during pregnancy.


Pathyaksha Dhatryadi kashayam dosage: 

  • 5 – 10 ml, before food, or on empty stomach, once or twice a day or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
  • It is should be taken along with a gram of jaggery.
  • If the kashayam is concentrated, then it needs to be mixed with equal quantity of water and should be taken.
  • This is also available in Kashayam tablet form. Dose of Kashayam tablet is 2 tablet 2 times a day before food with jaggery.

With western medicines
Seek your doctor’s advice if you are taking this product along with other western (allopathic/modern) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can interact with modern medicine.
If both Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are advised together, then it is best to take allopathic medicine first, wait for 30 minutes and then, after a gap of 15 – 30 minutes, take Ayurvedic medicine or as directed by the physician.

Can this be used while taking Homeopathic medicine?
Yes. This product does not react with homeopathic medicine.

With supplements like multivitamin tablets, Omega 3 fatty acids etc?
Yes. Generally, this product goes well with most of the dietary supplements. However, if you are taking more than one product per day, please consult your doctor for an opinion.


Pathyaksha Dhatryadi kashayam ingredients:

Herbal decoction is prepared from 10 grams of each of

Pathya – Terminalia chebula
Aksha – Terminalia bellirica
Dhatri – Amla – Emblica officinalis
Bhunimba – Andrographis paniculata
Nisha – Turmeric – Curcuma longa
Nimba – Neem – Azadirachta indica
Amruta – Tinospora cordifolia

Manufacturer and Reference

  • AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt Ltd also manufactures it in Kashayam tablet form.
  • Nagarjuna – Patthyaaksha Dhaathryaadi Kashaayam (Patthya shadangam kashaayam), Patthyaaksha Dhaathryaadi Kashaayam Tablet

Reference: Sharangdhara Samhita Madhyamakhanda 2/143-145

Shloka- Sanskrit Verse

पथ्याक्षधात्री भूनिम्बैर्निशानिम्बामृतायुतै: ॥
कृत: क्वाथ: षडङ्गोऽयं सगुड: शीर्षशूलहृत् ।
भ्रूशङ्खकर्णशूलानि तथार्धशिरसो रुजम् ॥
सूर्यावर्तं शङ्खकं च दन्तपातं च तद्रुजम् ।
नक्तान्ध्यं पटलं शुक्रं चक्षु:पीडां व्यपोहति ॥

pathyākṣadhātrī bhūnimbairniśānimbāmṛtāyutai: ||
kṛta: kvātha: ṣaḍaṅgo’yaṃ saguḍa: śīrṣaśūlahṛt |
bhrūśaṅkhakarṇaśūlāni tathārdhaśiraso rujam ||
sūryāvartaṃ śaṅkhakaṃ ca dantapātaṃ ca tadrujam |
naktāndhyaṃ paṭalaṃ śukraṃ cakṣu:pīḍāṃ vyapohati ||

28 thoughts on “Pathyaksha Dhatryadi Kashayam – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, Ingredients, Reference”

  1. Dear Dr.,

    One small question here. Why should this medicine be taken with a gram of jaggery? What are the benefits of taking this with jaggery in comparison to taking this without?


  2. Hi, pain is usually due to Vata and all the medicines that you are taking are Vata balancing. It may take up to 15 days of time to start observing improvements. Please continue.

  3. Not much food restrictions.
    Have more of Sunflower seed, almond, pine nuts, peanuts, spinach, taro root, flaxseed oil, soyabean, pistachio.
    Broccoli, carrots, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers

  4. Thanks Doc, much appreciated. Is it ok to continue with the medicine if I conceive and can continue this throughout my pregnancy.?

  5. How long should I continue the treatment for migraine? Should it be taken over several months or years, at the dosage recommended here, or would a few weeks suffice?

  6. Hi dr,
    My name is Aarthi. I took this
    concentrated kashayam 15 ml twice a day for 3
    mths for my migraine headache….though my migraine problem has improved…, I developed acid reflux problem with severe shortness in breath immediately at the last course of my kashayam…
    Dr., I just want to know whether the kashayam has created a side effect or is it because of consuming it for a long duration…
    I have a pitta constitution and now I am under allopathic medicines for acid reflux problem.

  7. Can this tablet be taken with metformin… What r the side effects of having so?
    I am having sinusitis pain for two months…many allopathic medicines r giving me breathing problems n palpitations. Does this tablet have such problems


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