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Chemparuthyadi Keratailam Benefits, Side Effects, Ingredients, Reference

Chemparuthyadi Keratailam is a traditional herbal oil, used in the Ayurvedic treatment of skin diseases. Reputed coconut oil in all children’s ailments. It is used to apply over head and body. Chemparuthadi Keratailam is prepared in coconut oil base. 


Chemparuthyadi Keratailam Benefits:
It is used in Ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases like eczema, scabies, and pruritus.

It is also used to apply over head to relieve scalp itchiness and dandruff.

How to wash off the hair oil?
Wait for at least 30 minutes before washing hair. Longer the delay, better (except for very oily hairs). It is best to use herbal hair wash powders to wash off the hair oil. One or two rounds of wash with hair wash powder will get rid off oil from hair. It is very fine, even if some amount of oiliness remains on the hair.
Traditional treatises mention cold water to wash hair and face. (Reference: Ashtanga Sangraha, Sutrasthana, Dinacharya chapter). But to wash oily hair, lukewarm water can also be used. Avoid very hot water for hair wash.

How to use Chembaruthyadi coconut oil?  It is used for external application only. It is applied over head and body. It is also used for Ayurvedic treatment procedures like head massage.

Application on feet

Oil application over feet

Precaution if you apply this oil over feet:
If you apply this oil on feet, make sure to wash off thoroughly with water or wipe off with cloth. The oil can make you slippery while walking.
After applying, make sure there are no oil spills on the floor. This can make the floor slippery.

Synonyms and Side effects

Synonyms: Chemparuthyadi oil, Chemparuthyadi coconut oil, Chemparuthyadi Thailam

Chemparuthyadi Keratailam side effects:  There are no known side effects of this oil.

Principle behind making herbal oils:
In this herbal oil, the herbs are infused in the medium of sesame oil along with herb water decotion. Then the solid waste herb materials are filtered out. Thus, this oil contains oil soluble and water soluble phyto-active principles of medicinal herbs.

Usage in children:
Please note that Chemparuthyadi can be applied to babies. But rarely in some babies, it may cause itching or rashes.
Test with a few drops of the oil.
Only if there are no allergic rashes, then continue.


Chemparuthyadi Keratailam ingredients:
Keratailam – coconut oil
Juice of
Japa – Hibiscus rosa sinensis
Vilwa patra – Leaves of Aegle marmelos
Paranti – Ixora coccinia
Nagavallika – Betel leaf – Piper betle
Tulasi – Holy Basil –  Ocimum sanctum
Neeli – Indigofera tinctoria
Vasini – Biophytum candolleanum
Tamalaki – Phyllanthus niruri

Paste of
Jiraka – Cuminum cyminum
Krishnajiraka – Nigella sativa

Chemparuthyadi Keratailam – Ayurvedic Oil for Skin Health

Shloka, Sanskrit Verse

Chemparatyadi keram

Reference, Manufacturer

Sahasrayoga, Taila yoga Prakarana

Companies that manufacture this oil – 
AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt. Ltd
Arya Vaidya Pharmacy
Arya Vaidya Sala – Kottakkal
Nagarjuna – Chemparatthyaadi Keram

Oil Combination

Some doctors prescribe this oil in combination with Prapaundarikadi keram as a remedy for early greying of hairs.

During pregnancy, lactation

If you were using this oil before pregnancy without any allergic reaction, you can continue using this oil even during pregnancy.
If you have not used this product before and wish to use it during pregnancy, better to consult a doctor because it can cause skin allergy in some rare cases.
It is generally considered as safe to use during lactation, however consult your doctor for the right advice.

Can this product be applied after steam therapy?
No. Oil is best applied before steam therapy. This is as per basic Ayurvedic principles. 

Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
This article is written by Dr. Janardhana V Hebbar BAMS, MD (Ayu), PGDPSM, Managing Director, Easy Ayurveda Hospital.
It is reviewed by Dr. Raviganesh Mogra BAMS, MD (Ayu), Chief Medical Officer, Easy Ayurveda Hospital

75 thoughts on “Chemparuthyadi Keratailam Benefits, Side Effects, Ingredients, Reference”

  1. thanks a lot for your reply doctor. Iam using malatyadi + chemparutyadi .but my hair fall increased so much.its been 2 weeks now.is it normal.I am from kerala and hete actually neelibringadi is more famous.is malatyadi and chemparutyadi superior to neelibringadi. Can you please tell us the difference in the effect of these oils.also if you dont mind, what oil do you use for yourself..just curious to know..what actually ayurvedic doctors use

  2. Also among neelibringadi, malatyadi , chemparutyadi and kuntalakanti which is the most efficient or potent for new hairs to sprout and stop hair fall .I am so tensed because of hair thinning.my sides are almost scalp visible now.thats y…plzz reply doctor

  3. Last 2 months, I had been using home made hair oil made from chemparathi mottu, kayyunnyam, muyal cheviyan etc. Now I am feeling hair loss. I also use hair dye dilute in egg white. Will any of these uses affect my hair falling? Suggestions please

  4. I read somewhere, malatyadi is used for hair fall due to bacterial infection and fungus.I am not having such problem.Is it ok to use this oil even if we dont have such condition.just for hair regrowth..

  5. I am having Alopecia problem, taking injections on the affected area, getting hair growth at injected place, but again new area is getting affected. Using Bhringamalika thailam, not much improvement, please suggest and do the needful. I am 43.

    • Hello sir, Pitha pacification is the primary ayurvedic treatment for Alopecia via necessary pitha pacification diet and pitha reducing ayurvedic medication. Iron deficiency if exists also has to be corrected.
      There are Panchakarma treatments for the same. They are:
      1. Nasya
      2. Virechana
      3. Shirodhara

      Do consult an ayurvedic physician for the procedures.

  6. My son is having dryness in feet and hands, Dr. Suggested him to apply chemparutyadi tail am and chatuksheeri tail am, how to use this tail am

  7. Hi Doctor,

    I recently purchased kayyanyadi keratailam and chemparutyadi keratailam when i was in kerala last month. which one should i use for hair? I am having dandruff, itching and hairfall. I am using selsun medical shampoo once a week. But i decided to stop using it and get an ayurvedic hair oil.

    Awaiting your reply.

  8. Hi I have more dandruff n hair loss problem.. I daily wash my hair with shampoo, no use by next day morning danruff is present.. I have itichy scalp.. I recent brought kuntalakanti n durvadi kera tailam. Is mixture of both oil is going for my problem. Kindly suggest

  9. My hair is very thin… i have hair fall and dandruff problem… chemparuthyadi or neelibringadhi.. which oil is the bes for me??

  10. Hello sir I have another doubt my relative one guy he s working with shipping marine..He lost hair fall like now sottai mathiry front and center la agura mathiry iruku sir …So can u suggest me this also .. Which oil use that person suggest me sir please…

  11. Hello Doctor.
    My 7 year daughter has curly hair.She doesn’t have volume in hair.Which oil could be better for her to use ?we live in a cold weather country.So please advice me how frequently she should apply it. Thank you so much in advance

  12. dear sir,
    am facing too much hairfall due to dandruff. it just started for me from last 2 months. now i am using malathyadhi and dhurdhra pathradhi for my hair care. am living in bahrain and basically am from kerala. now the weather in bahrain is very cold. now my friend says chemparathyadhi is good for hair. is it true. and which is better the one am currently sing or chemparathyathi.

  13. Hi Ahmad, for your kids eczema, did you massage their whole body with this oil or only applied on the affected parts? Thanks

  14. Hi doctor. I am sujitha from Tamilnadu. I have 10 to 15 white hairs due to thyroid deficiency but now thyroid level is normal. which oil i should use for this white hairs

  15. Hi sir i am having curly hair i want to grow long my hair which oil shall i use i dont have much hair fall and tell me an oil which wont cause hair fall too

  16. Dear sir,I have been affected by dandruff since 2010 till there is no solution..I took treatment in V-care hospital but I couldn’t continue my treatment continuously because of too much expenditure..before 2010 all my friends called me as hair beauty girl..but now I lost my hair due to heavy dandruff..my hubby bought Semparuthiyadi keeraithailam from thanjavur..sir is this gives permanent cure of dandruff or temperory solution because I applied all kind of dandruff medicines but those are give only temporary relief..Sudha from Pattukkottai ..

  17. Dear Sir, I have hair fall and 2-3 strands of grey hair. I am using nilibringadi keratailam…is it enough or is there any need for a change of oil?

  18. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dear Sir, I have hair fall and 2-3 strands of grey hair. I am using nilibringadi keratailam…is it enough or is there any need for a change of oil?

  19. Sir i have very thin and split end hair. I want lengthy and thick hair. Which oil is good for me, for hair growth ,and overall healthy hair andpreventing split ends?

  20. Hai, Currently i am using Chemparuthyadi and kayyanadi mix. How long it will take to show a positive result. Initially was using Malaythadi and kayyanadi now doctor prescribed chemparuthyadi and kayyanadi. Please let me know the opinions.

  21. My daughter is 11 years old, I am using chemparuthyadi kera thailam, but the hair looks brown, thin, dry scalp, hair fall.
    Pls Doctor suggest to me along with this oil which one should i add and apply to her.

  22. Hello doctor,
    I took online prescription for hairloss and hair thinning. Doctor prescribed kuntalakanti with chemparutyadi oil . Can you let me know if it would be helpful . Are these better than neelibhringadi oil ?


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