Rasna Shuntyadi Kashaya Ingredients, Uses, Preparation, Dose

Rasna Shuntyadi Kashaya is a herbal decoction which is used in the treatment of joint pain associated with stiffness and heaviness. It is extensively used in Vata disorders. Ingredients of Rasna Shuntyadi Kashayam Equal parts of –Rasna – Pluchea lanceolata – Root – Best ayurvedic herb used in all vata diseases associated with painGinger – … Read more

Vara Asanadi Kashayam Ingredients, Use Preparation, Dosage

Vara asanadi kashayam/kvatha is a herbal decoction used in the treatment of Obesity. This decoction helps in reducing body weight. It helps in detoxifying the body by eliminating the ama. Ingredients Equal quantity of –Asana – Pterocarpus marsupium – It is used extensively in diabetes, obesity and skin diseasesHaritaki – Terminalia chebula Vibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica Amalaki … Read more

Sudarsanasavam Ingredient, Uses, Preparation, Dosage

Sudarsanasavam is an Ayurvedic medicine used extensively in the treatment of all types of fever and its associated symptoms such as weakness, cough, body pain and so on. Ingredients Jaggery – 4.8 kgDhataki – Flowers – Woodfordia fruticosa – 384 grams – It acts as fermenting agent.Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – 10 gramsVibhitaki – Terminalia … Read more

Kasyapa Choorna Ingredients, Indications, Dosage

Kasyapa choorna is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine in powder form. It is mainly used in the treatment of all eye diseases. It is the best immune booster. Ingredients of Kashyapa churna Each 10 grams prepared out of –Jivanti – Leptadania reticulata – 4 grams – It is the best rejuvenating herb and immune booster.Amalaki – … Read more

Kayam Tablet Ingredients, Benefits, Dosage

Kayam tablet is a very famous proprietary Ayurvedic medicine for constipation. It is manufactured by Sheth Brothers. It contains ingredients which are digestive stimulants laxative and anti-inflammatory. Ingredients Senna leaves – Cassia angustifolia – Acts as mild laxativeBlack Salt – Sauvarchala LavanNishoth – Trivrit – Operculina turpethum – It is the best purgative herbAjwain – … Read more

Patanjali Youvan Gold Plus Capsule Uses, Ingredients, Dosage

Patanjali Youvan Gold Plus Capsules manufactured by Patanjali Ayurved Limited is used in increasing testosterone level and improves libido, vigor and vitality. It possess antimicrobial activity and acts against yeast and moulds. Indication Physical and sexual weakness Ingredients Bala – Sida cordifolia – 6.6 mgKhaskhas – Papaver somniferum – Q.S Vijayapatra – Q.S Laung – … Read more

Sciati-Cart Softgel Capsules Uses, Ingredients, Dosage

Sciati-Cart Softgel capsules manufactured by Vns Ayurveda is a traditional solution for Sciatica, back pain and Lumbago. It helps to regenerate the inter-vertebral disc and relieves nerve irritation. Indication SciaticaLumbar spondylosisImproves micro-circulation to muscles and joints Ingredients Cow Milk – 614.22 mlSesame Seeds Oil – 468.750 mgCastor Seeds Oil -156.250 mgParijatak – Nyctanthes arbor-tristis – … Read more

Nyurocart Softgel Capsules Uses, Ingredients, Dosage

Nyurocart Softgel manufactured by Vns Ayurveda. Its is used for the management of Neuro-muscular disorders of CNS and PNS, nerve injury and body stiffness in diabetic neuropathy, body stiffness, spine injury, neuralgia, paralysis, sciatica, spondylitis, facial palsy. Indications HemiplegiaParalysisFacial palsyNerve injuryBody stiffness NeuralgiaMyalgiaSciaticaSpondylitisMuscle crampsNeuro-muscular disorders Ingredients Cow milk – 625 mlTila thaila – Sesame seeds … Read more

Heelcarwin Softgel Capsules Uses, Dose, Ingredients

Heelcarwin Softgel Capsules manufactured by Vns Ayurveda. It helps to cure of Heel pain most often caused by plantar fasciitis. The condition described in Ayurveda as Padakantaka, involves pain in the heel as a cardinal symptom which is caused by increased vata dosha. Ingredient Cow milk – 650mlSesamum seed oil – 300.000 mgGandharwa Thailam – … Read more

Yashtimadhu Ghritha Ingredients, Uses, Preparation, Dosage

Yashtimadhu Ghritha is an Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal ghee form. It is used in the treatment of wound, relieves pain and burning sensation caused due to burn or injury. Ingredients Yastiyahva – Glycyrrhiza glabra – 100 gramsNagabala – Sida veronicaefolia – 100 gramsCow milk – 400 mlGhee – 200 mlPayasya – Ipomoea paniculata – 16.6 … Read more

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